HABILITARE: Splinting and Orthopedics Workshop with a social cause

Splinting and orthopedics are intended to provide the beneficiary personal autonomy and access to health, education, work, recreation and sports.

At SSALOMON we count with our own  orthopedics and thermoplastic splinting center, through which we help people with physical disabilities who have no access to these products through their regular insurance system. To do this we evaluate each patient's rehabilitation expectations and technical requirements in order to develop the ideal device for every individual. Our workshops will consist of physical and occupational therapists who we will assist with splinting production and/or thermoplastic products.








  • Provision of splints and splinting services to people who do not have access to them through their health plan.  


  • Technical training in the production of splints and other thermoplastic products for disabled people facilitating their reincorporation into the job market and favoring their personal autonomy. Each of the workshop members is a trained professional in the elaboration of splints or recycled products of these materials..



Recycling of Thermoplastic Materials:

SSALOMON seeks the implementation and operation of a thermoplastic recycling program as an environmental strategy to generate funds to cover subsidized prices and additional aid for low-income beneficiaries.


Product Sales and Rentals:

Given the need to provide access to high quality products and technology, we provide a rental platform and sale of elements that facilitates and improves the lives of our beneficiaries.



The SSALOMON Foundation rents and sells the following products:
•Upper limb prosthetics.
Orthotics, corsets/nands.
Orthopedic insoles.
Orthopedic collars.
•Soft line.
Wheelchairs, crutches, canes, mobilizers (among others)

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