100% of your donations and/or purchases go directly toward financing services and products required by our beneficiaries.

You can make in-kind donations and/or financial donations in Colombia:

Fundación SSalomon 

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With the sponsorship program you can subsidize the rehabilitation of a low income, disabled child. With only $25 per month you can sponsor a child’s therapies, and help to support their development. See More




A significant number of patients in the country cannot afford the cost of their rehabilitation, so we designed a subsidy fund that relies on donations. This fund is intended to address medical cases so that our patients will have timely access to treatment, orthopedics and rehabilitation.

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 Our volunteer program allows you to help the community as well as receive professional training and attend international conferences in the health sector. We receive volunteers from all around the world and have an internship program available for national and foreign exchange students.  See More


An environmental strategy for a social cause. Everyone is familiar with the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but we've add a 4th R: Rehabilitate.


The implementation and operation of our recycling program and the re-using of our splinting materials as an environmental strategy to generate funds allows us to cover rehabilitation costs for our beneficiaries. See More.



Sponsorship Program

When you sponsor a child with us you are contributing directly to their rehabilitation. Your financial contribution goes toward paying their medical bills, equipment, therapy...etc.


Your financial support goes to 5 main areas that benefit the minor:


  • Fisical Therapy

  • Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Psychology

  • Family Orientation/Therapy


Through out sponsorship program we create a system that sensitizes and commits people and/or institutions on a national and international level to assume responsibility of a minor and/or handicap person.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child or disabled person please email us at



The program sustains itself on the principal of the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but with an added social component––Rehabilitate.


This program projects its environmental certification and meets with the operative process that lets it develop its recycling activities in a sustainable way. Through the reusing of splinting materials we generate economic support that allows us to achieve our goal.


By recycling these materials––that would otherwise be discarded––and reusing them, your actions can help much more than the environment. Every splint that you save will be used to make another product which will finance a splint for a person in need of rehabilitation.


Save the planet and help another person!



Your support makes the difference!

Recycling Program


Your donations go toward a subsidy fund that enables us to attend chronic medical patients who would otherwise not have access to medication,  medical supplies, orthopedics, rehabilitation and other health needs.



Medical subsidies are only given to patients who come to us and go through a financial background check that demonstrates their need. We then assess the economic contribution needed to support their medical expenses. Patients who have no financial possibilites are given priority.


A significant number of patients cannnot afford to pay the costs of their rehabilitation and splint placement. That is why we count with this subsidy fund which is always in need of donations for its continued maintenance.


Your donations make the difference.



Subsidy Fund

Thanks to your donations we can help more people!

Volunteering Program

Our volunteering program allows you to serve the community as well as receive professional training and attend international conferences in the health sector.


We receive volunteers from all around the world and have an non-paid internship program available for national and foreign exchange students from participating universities from which they can get credit.


What we want:


  • To promote active contributions.

  • To strengthen the sense of social responsibility by intensifying community service involement.

  • To strengthen the spirit of initiative and enterprise as well as creativity.

  • To enhance cooperation in the leaders of tomorrow by fostering good practices and the developmet of innovative actions at the community level.

  • To enrich ourselves from the new knowledge college students can bring to the table while giving them a platform in which they can take proactive stance on the social issues we fight to address.

An environmental strategy for a social cause! Reduce… Reuse… Recycle… REHABILITATE!
Be a part of a unique experience!

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