We are a non-governmental non-profit organization that provides medical care to the community and comprehensive rehabilitation to people with physical or functional impairments or disabilities through the provision of therapeutic and high-tech medical services.



For this we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists committed to providing products and services of the highest quality for beneficiaries of the institution to maintain maximum independence by favoring inclusion and full participation in society.



We are constantly on the lookout for strategies to make our programs self-sustaining and allow them permanence and impact in the long term.




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We rehabilitate patients with disabilities.

We allow access to the most the best and most modern rehabilitation technologies.

We enable individuals to gain inclusion within society.






Patients with problems:
  • Neurological: cerebral palsy, facial, strokes, spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders such as autism.

  • Trauma and sports: contractures, tears, esginces, tendinitis, meniscus injury, ligaments.

  • Skeletal muscle , and bone and joint (arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, sacroileities, sciatica, lumbagia and torticollis)

  • Orthopedic (amputations, fractures, spine deviations, hip-knee replacement)

  • Genetic derivative, systemic and metabolic diseases.

Victimes of violence and/or armed conflict, individuals with psychological scars and adjustment problems.
We prioritize the vulnerable population without access to high quality treatments because their geographical or economical conditions are unfavorable.


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